S. pico = small, L. bi = two.

Picobirnavirus, the recently recognized sole genus in the family Picobirnaviridae (Figure), is a small (Pico, Spanish for small), bisegmented (bi, Latin for two), double-stranded RNA virus. Picobirnaviruses were initially considered to be birna-like viruses, and the name was derived from birnavirus (bisegmented RNA), but the virions are much smaller (diameter 35 nm vs. 65 nm).

Picobirnaviruses are reported in gastroenteric and respiratory infections. These infections were first described in humans and black-footed pigmy rice rats in 1988. Thereafter, these infections have been reported in feces and intestinal contents from a wide variety of mammals with or without diarrhea, and in birds and reptiles worldwide.

Article in the EID Journal 2020